Tourist Spots around Omi-Maiko

The nearest and the most beautiful beach resort from Osaka and Kyoto. Omi-Maiko (or Omimaiko) is the nearest and the most beautiful beach resort from Osaka and Kyoto. The white sand beach on Lake Biwa, provides an ideal escape from the city. Only an hour from Osaka and 30 minutes from Kyoto by JR trains. The best place to not only for swimming but also for climming Mt. Bunagatake and for fishing black bass.

  • Yobai-no-taki Waterfall
    Yobai Waterfall
    At 76 meters high, the biggest waterfall in Shiga. A few minutes walk to the first waterfall, another 15 minute walk to the main waterfall.
    14 minute drive to the parking
  • Shirahige Shrine
    Shirahige Shrine
    The "floating" tori at Shirahige Shrine is smaller than the tori at Miyajima, but forms a beautiful scene against the backdrop of Lake Biwa.
    14 minute drive
  • Biwako Valley/Terrace
    Biwako Valley/Terrace
    Biwako Valley boasts views so spectacular they will take your breath away. 1,100 meters up the mountain by ropeway, the facility is filled with attractions.
    15 minute drive to the parking
  • Shiga Seirin Park
    Shiga Seirin Park
    A public park with playground equipment. Seirin Shiga is considered a person who performed the foundation of sumo wrestling in the Nara period.
    10 minute drive
  • Mt. Bunagatake
    Mt. Bunagatake
    Good for a day hike in Shiga. The highest peak in the Hira Mountains. This peak is connected to a network of trails so you could easily turn this into a multi-day adventure.
    30 minute drive to the parking
  • Biwako Kodomo no Kuni
    Biwako Kodomo no Kuni
    The vast green site is sufficiently equipped with playground equipment, explore waterway and unique bicycles which are popular with kids.
    26 minute drive
  • Ukimido
    The Ukimido, the "floating temple hall" at Mangetsuji Temple, is famous for being featured in one of the Eight Views of Omi (the former name of Shiga).
    26 minute drive
  • Biwako Museum
    Biwako Museum
    One of the largest lake-based museums in Japan, with a wide variety of exhibits. Among them is an aquarium that only contains freshwater fish, a considerable rarity.
    35 minute drive
  • Kutsuki Onsen Tenku
    Kutsuki Onsen Tenku
    You can enjoy swimming (indoor), hot spring, barbecue, tennis here! Both of visit and stay is available.
    45 minute drive
  • Omi Hachiman
    Omi Hachiman
    Ancient city of merchants and warriors, Omihachiman now cultivates a peaceful canal city image. Highly recommended!
    45 minute drive
  • Chikubushima
    Chikubushima has long been known as the island where the gods live. Even today, many visitors come to experience the mystical energy of this island.
    35 minute drive to the parking
  • Metasequoia Namiki in Takashima
    Metasequoia Namiki
    Approximately 500 Metasequoia of beautiful conical shape form a magnificent landscape over 2.4 km in each season.
    41 minute drive

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