Bicycle Rental

Bicycle rental at Omimaiko

There are many good places for cycling around J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse. Enjoy cycling blessed with nature on the shores of Lake Biwa, where the rural scenery with rice field spreads out.

Please be careful about traffic manners and enjoy cycling. The following bicycles are rented for 700 yen / day (100 yen / within an hour).

Bicycles for women

Giant's women-only sports cycle brand Liv's Escape RX W. The perfect bike for women who want to start a sports cycle.

The bike comes with a light, wire lock and cushioned saddle cover. The shift is a Shimano 18-speed transmission. There are two sizes, XXS size (frame size 350mm) is for height 140-160cm, and XS size (frame size 400mm) is for 155-170cm.

Bicycles for men

Bridgestone's Ordina S3F which is a cross bike that can ride from city riding to medium distance with a lightweight aluminum frame equipped with 27 inch tires.

The bike comes with a light wire lock and a full cover mudguard. The shift is a Shimano 21-speed transmission. There are two sizes, Scenic White (frame size 480 mm) is for heights 158 cm to 179 cm, and Sapphire Blue (frame size 540 mm) is for heights 173 cm to 191 cm.


This is a video of cycling through the countryside and residential areas on the shores of Lake Biwa.

Cycling spots

  • Omimmaiko swimming beach
    Omimaiko Beach
    【2 minutes】 The Omimaiko beach is an exceptionally beautiful region, with groves of green pines along the lakeshore and approximately 4km of white sand beach.
  • Shirahige Shrine cycling
    Shirahige Shrine
    [32 minutes] It has a history of more than 2000 years and is known for its torii gate that floats in Lake Biwa, and is also called "Omi's Itsukushima".
  • Otomegaike Pond
    Otomegaike Pond
    [42 minutes] The vicinity of Otomegaike was known as the "Katori no Umi" during the seventh century Manyo period. There is a fishing pier on the lake that has attracted many black bass lovers in recent years.
  • Ukimido Temple
    Ukimido Temple
    [72 minutes] The Ukimido, the "floating temple hall" at Mangetsuji Temple, is famous for being featured in one of the Eight Views of Omi (the former name of Shiga).
  • Harie Village
    Harie Village
    [86 minutes] The Village of Living Water, many houses in this village have a kabata, which residents use to draw water for everyday tasks. Please pay attention to the privacy of residents when you visit.
  • Hata no Tanada
    Hata no Tanada
    [102 minutes] You can see more than 300 rice fields located at the foot of Mt. Hira. They are chosen as one of the 100 selections of terraced paddy rice fields in Japan.

J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse can also be used as an accommodation for Biwaichi cycling. You can freely use the Shimano Pro Tool Set and the Panaracer pump gauge inflator. Bicycles cannot be parked in the guest rooms, but we do have an indoor bicycle parking lot.